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What is clarity/smart energy™?
clarity/smart energy™ is a premium, vitamin-enriched all natural energy drink which supports energy, focus and recovery through its proprietary natural formula. clarity/smart energy™ gives all those who rely on it a healthy boost to achieve more. And in case you are asking, yes, our drinks are free of artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or any chemicals for that matter because we are uncompromising about providing a natural product.

What active ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients are essential in clarity/smart energy™?

  1. For Energy: Guarana seed extract, Green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, L-Glutamine, Vitamin B3
  2. For Health and Well-being: Antioxidants (fermented papaya blend, Vitamin B3, erythritol) Vitamin C, Vitamin B6
  3. For Focus: L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B6

Who should take clarity/smart energy™?
Anybody who needs a boost and yet is concerned about wellness and maintaining their health. clarity/smart energy™ is the energy drink for the life’s key occasions. Therefore clarity/smart energy™ becomes…. Energy for LIFE!

  1. Working late – in the office, at a client, at an event, etc.
  2. Staying sharp – overcome the energy slump during the day and refocus on upcoming tasks
  3. Working out – get most out of your workout
  4. Juggling it all – successfully multitask and keep your cool
  5. Beating jetlag – when exposed to excessive traveling

When should I take clarity/smart energy™?
clarity/smart energy™ can be consumed on a daily basis whenever you need a quick "pick me up" or energy boost in order to cope with one of the mentioned life-occasions. We have chosen “smart” caffeine levels in order to safely grant our consumers to enjoy their daily consumption of coffee and tea, together with a drink of clarity/smart energy™ – when needed!

Does clarity/smart energy™ contain caffeine?
Yes, clarity/smart energy™ contains naturally occurring caffeine from green tea, guarana seeds and green coffee beans. Our drinks contain 120mg of caffeine per unit, which is a distinctively lower level than many of other products on the market with levels of up to 280mg per drink. clarity/smart energy™ has been formulated to particularly extend the energy boost and avoid the crash experienced with many other products in this space.

Should I be concerned with any of the vitamin levels in clarity/smart energy™?
No, you should not be concerned with any of the levels of vitamins in clarity/smart energy™ as the water-soluble vitamins used in our product will get flushed out of your system if you have more than you need.

Is clarity/smart energy™ gluten and wheat free?
Yes, clarity/smart energy™ is gluten-free and does not contain wheat.

Does clarity/smart energy™ contain lactose or any peanut and/or peanut related materials?
No, clarity/smart energy™ is lactose-free and does not contain any peanut and/or peanut-related materials.

Does clarity/smart energy™ contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO)?
No, clarity/smart energy™ is GMO-free

Can I take clarity/smart energy™ if I am pregnant or nursing?
It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women to consume the product.

Can children take clarity/smart energy™?
As clarity/smart energy™ contains naturally occurring caffeine, we do NOT recommend children to take the product.

Is clarity/smart energy™ suitable for diabetics?
clarity/smart energy™ is not sweetened with sugar but with erythritol, which is non-glycemic and has very low calorie levels. However anyone with a health condition should check with a doctor before using clarity/smart the drink.

Where is clarity/smart energy™ manufactured?
All of our clarity/smart energy™ products are manufactured in a facility in New Zealand which is an accredited member of Natural Products New Zealand (NOTE: direct Hyperlink to website;

Do you use artificial colours or flavours in clarity/smart energy™?
No, we only use natural ingredients in clarity/smart energy™.

What if my drink was already open?
If the drink you bought was already open, please exchange at the store of purchase.

What if my clarity/smart energy™ drink was already expired?
If the clarity/smart energy™ drink was expired at time of purchase, please exchange at the store. Please feel free to drop us a note advising us of the date and place of purchase as well as the expiry date of the product. This will allow us to contact the store to ensure they dispose of their old beverages and replace with new clarity/smart energy™ drinks.

Are there any stores in town where I can get clarity/smart energy™?
Please search for retailers in your area under Where to find in the menu bar.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women as well as individuals sensitive to caffeine.

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